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Commissioned Work


Storyfolks was a series of storytelling for self-care events that took place at the Concord Nursing Home and Rehabilitation Center. It was a partnership between Abby Dobson, Candace Williams, and Yvonne Lane (Director of Activities at the nursing home) with support from the Concord Baptist Freedom School Scholars, the Laundromat Project, and artists from the community. 

The event series included a month of mindfulness, singing, visual art, and storytelling workshops facilitated by Abby and Candace. Photographer Tiffany Smith held a portrait session with Concord residents, staff members, and their family members. The series concluded on September 23, 2017 with a free community celebration that included an exhibition of Tiffany Smith's portraits, a community drum circle with Robert Michelin, a poetry performance by Tai Allen, a flute concert by Monet Cherise, a DJ set from DJ E1T1, and closing song and story circles (and of course, free food!). 

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